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1st Joint meeting of EHRS-HRSE

1st Joint meeting of EHRS-HRSE

Dates: 23-25 May 2024
Location: Torino, Italy

51st Meeting of the EHRS  -1st meeting of the HRSE

The EHRS & HRSE are two global associations of scientists and physicians aiming to promote knowledge and research within all aspects of histamine and related fields.
The EHRS-HRSE Meeting is recognized worldwide as the leading forum for histamine research. It intends to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on the most recent developments in histamine research and related fields and applications. This is achieved through oral communications organized in thematic sessions, poster presentations and panel discussions, as well as by encouraging active interactions between senior experts and junior investigators, thus fostering new ideas and long-lasting collaborations. 

The EHRS-HRSE Meeting offers the prestigious Young Investigator Awards (YIA) to early career investigators with no more than 3 years post-doctoral research training and a number of Travel Bursaries to pre-doctoral applicants, who present and defend their work during the meeting. We believe that it is vital to encourage young scientists to attend and present at our meetings.


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Additional information


23/24/25 May 2024


Accademia di Medicina di Torino

Via Po 18

10123 Turin, Italy

How to reach the Venue

Google Maps: https:/GoogleMaps



The aim of the society is to promote knowledge and world-class research within all aspects of histamine and related fields.

Website: https://www.ehrs.org.uk/


Scientific Committee
  • Pierre Chatelain (BE)
  • Madeleine Ennis (UK)
  • Bernhard Gibbs (DE)
  • Rob Leurs (NL)
  • Detlef Neumann (DE)
  • Ilona Obara (UK)
  • Arianna Carolina Rosa (IT) Bassem Sadek (UAE)
  • Holger Stark (DE)
  • Satoshi Tanaka (JP)
  • Katerina Tiligada (EL)
Organizing Committee
  • Arianna Carolina Rosa (Torino, IT)
  • Katerina Tiligada (Athens, EL)
  • Ilona Obara (Newcastle, UK)
  • Elisa Benetti (Torino, IT)
  • Valentina Boscaro (Torino, IT)
  • Margherita Gallicchio (Torino, IT)
  • Simona Spampinato (Torino, IT)


Prof. Ulrich Blank – Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) – Paris (France)

Blank short CV pdf

Prof. Katerina Tiligada – University of Athens – Athens (Greece)

Tiligada short CV pdf



Prof. Valerio Brunetti – Policlinico Gemelli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Roma (Italy)

Brunetti short CV pdf


Dr. Marco Tuccori – Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Pisana  – Pisa (Italy)

Tuccori short CV pdf



Prof. Virginio Salvi – Università di Milano – Milano (Italy)

Salvi short CV pdf




Dr. Oriol Comas-Basté – University of Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)

Oriol short CV.pdf









Click here to download the ABSTRACT BOOK & PROGRAMME .pdf format


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23 MAY 2024


09:30 Registration

10:45 OPENING CEREMONY Arianna Carolina Rosa (IT) & Katerina Tiligada (EL)

11:15 Foundation of the HRSEHolger Stark (DE) & Detlef Neumann (DE)

11.30 PLENARY LECTURE Chairperson: Arianna Carolina Rosa (IT)
Histamine and other biogenic amines in food: from scombroid poisoning to histamine intolerance – Oriol Comas-Basté (Barcelona, Spain)

12:30 Welcome buffet

13:15 HONORARY MEMBERSHIP CEREMONY Chairperson: Katerina Tiligada (EL)
Orations by Paul Chazot (UK), Agnieszka Fogel (PL), M. Ennis (UK), Detlef Neumann (DE)

SCIENTIFIC SESSION I – Neuronal histamine
Chairpersons: Beatrice Passani (IT) & Ling Shan (NL)

Oral presentations

14:00 The roles of histamine and histamine H1 receptor in hypocretin neuron development and behavior in zebrafish – Pertti Panula (Helsinki, Finland)

14:15 Histaminergic neuronal activity controls food consumption: a chemogenetic study – Gustavo Provensi (Florence, Italy)

14:30 Histaminergic neurons modulate vulnerability and resilience to psychological stress – Beatrice Passani (Florence, Italy)

14:45 Exploring the interplay of histamine H3 receptors and mTORC1: Implications for neuropathic pain relief – Paul Chazot (Durham, UK)

Flash presentations

15:00 The role of glial cells activation in the analgesic effects of histamine H3 receptor antagonist, E-98 –In vivo and in vitro studies – Katarzyna Popiolek-Barczyk (Krakow, Poland)

15:10 EHRS & HRSE General Assembly

17:15 End of first day


17:30 Guided City Centre Walk
19:30 Welcome reception




24 MAY 2024


SCIENTIFIC SESSION II Neuronal histamine
Chairpersons: Pertti Panula (FI) & Gustavo Provensi (IT)

Oral Presentations

08:30 The roles of histaminergic neural circuits in the precise regulation of CNS disorders and its mechanisms – Zhong Chen (Hangzhou, China)

08:45 Postsynaptic histamine H3 receptors in ventral basal forebrain cholinergic neurons modulate contextual fear memory – Yanrong Zheng (Hangzhou, China)

09:00 Whole brain output and input mapping of mouse histaminergic network – Wenkai Lin (Hangzhou, China)

09:15 Histamine-4 receptor antagonist inhibits pro-inflammatory microglia and prevents the progression of Parkinson-like pathology: A new therapeutic strategy – Ling Shan (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

09:30 Histamine H2 receptor deficiency in parvalbumin-positive neurons leads to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-like phenotypes – Dadao An (Hangzhou, China)

Flash Presentations

09:45 Effects of H3R antagonist E169 on autophagy and autism-like behavioral phenotypes in BTBR mouse model of autism – Nermin Eissa (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

09:50 The H3R antagonist E159 attenuates neuroinflammation and autistic-like behaviours in BTBR T+ tf/J mouse model of autism – Nermin Eissa (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

09:55 An H2R-dependent medial septum histaminergic circuit mediates feeding behavior – Lingyu Xu (Hangzhou, China)

10:00 Histamine receptors: Novel drug targets for schizophrenia– Weiwei Hu (Hangzhou, China)

10:05 Coffee break

Chairperson & Introduction of the speaker: Madeleine Ennis (Belfast, UK)
Mechanisms of mast cell inflammatory mediator secretion: an update – Ulrich Blank (Paris, France)

SCIENTIFIC SESSION III – Histamine, mast cells & basophils
Chairpersons: Susanne Mommert (DE) & Mitsunobu Mio (JP)

Oral Presentations

11:35 Oral desensitization to peanut differentially affects the reactivity of human basophils to IgEdependent stimulation – Bernhard Gibbs (Canterbury, UK)

11:50 GPR35 mediates stabilization of mast cells – Satoshi Tanaka (Kyoto, Japan)

12:05 Mast cells are differently affected by ST-2309 and ciproxifan, H3R blockers – Agnieszka Fogel (Lodz, Poland)

12:20 Scabies mites, what’s itching – Does the interplay between parasite-derived pruritogens and host MRGPRX2 explain the intense itching in human scabies? – Franco Falcone (Giessen, Germany)

SCIENTIFIC SESSION IV – Drug design & molecular targeting
Chairpersons: Rob Leurs (NL) & Paul Chazot (PL)

Oral Presentations

12:35 Structural basis of agonist recognition at the H4 receptor – Rob Leurs (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

12:50 Pharmacological characterization of seven human histamine H3 receptor isoforms – Meichun Gao (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Flash Presentations

13:05 Distinct G protein and β -arrestin recruitment to seven histamine H3 receptor isoforms – Meichun Gao (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

13:10 Reaching beyond the UV spectrum – A pharmacological profile of a red-shifted H1R photocaged ligand – Ivana Josimovic (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

13:15 Tetrazine-based building blocks for Click chemistry on histamine H3 receptor ligands – Martin Moriz Stark (Düsseldorf, Germany)

13:20 Buffet lunch

Panel: Bernhard Gibbs (UK), Beatrice Passani (IT)

14:00 Histamine receptor H4 modulates the expression of Na+/H+ (NHE)3 exchanger in the renal proximal tubular cell line HK-2 – Chiara Gerbino (Turin, Italy)

14:15 VUF26063: a second-generation photoswitchable ligand to optically control the histamine H3 receptor – Ivana Josimovic (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

14:30 Multitargeting compounds for neurodegenerative diseases: Dual H3R/ChEs ligands with chelating properties – Flávia Barrio Lopes (São Paulo, Brazil)

14:45 Do histaminergic neurons express adenosine 1 receptors? Comparative analysis with reference to hippocampal dentate gyrus granular cells – Lea Wegmann (Düsseldorf, Germany)

SCIENTIFIC SESSION V  in memory of Prof. Pier F. Mannaioni – Histamine in the heart & the kidney
Chairpersons: Anita Sydbom (SE) & Joao Fernandes (BR)

15:00 Oration in memory of Prof. Pier F. Mannaioni – Roberto Fantozzi (IT)

Oral Presentations

15:10 Haloperidol, clozapine and mirtazapine are functional antagonists at histamine receptors in human atrial preparations – Jonas Schlicht (Halle, Germany)

Flash Presentations

15:25 Contractile effects of histamine in mice overexpressing H1-histamine receptors and H2-histamine receptors in the atrium – Hoai Pham (Halle, Germany)

15:30 Temperature sensitive contractile effects of histamine in mice overexpressing H1-histamine receptors in the atrium – Peter Grundig (Halle, Germany)

15:35 Different role of histamine H1 and H4 receptors on the expression of aquaporin (AQP)1 and AQP7 in the human renal proximal tubule cell line HK-2 – Marta Molino (Florence, Italy)

15:40 Investigation of the cross-talk between histamine and renal CLC chloride channels and transporters in a mouse model of diabetic nephropathy – Arianna Carolina Rosa (Turin, Italy)

15:45 Coffee break

16.15 Group picture

SCIENTIFIC SESSION VI – Histamine in the eye
Chairpersons: Holger Stark (DE) & & Nermin Eissa (UAE)

Oral Presentations

16:30 H4 histamine receptor upregulation and inflammatory responses in an in vitro model of diabetic retinopathy – Paul Chazot (Durham, UK)

16:45 Histamine stimulates calcium-dependent transmembrane cation current through H1R-Gq/11 pathway in human retinal glial Müller cells – Seva Telezhkin (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

17:00 H3R antagonist-CA inhibitor hybrid compounds in a rabbit model of transient ocular hypertension – Laura Lucarini (Florence, Italy)

Flash Presentations

17:15 Evaluation of fibrotic markers in an animal model of ocular hypertension treated with a histamine H3R/NO hybrid compound – Silvia Sgambellone (Florence, Italy)

17:20 Photoswithchable compounds in a transient ocular hypertension (OHT) model in new zealand white (NZW) rabbit – Silvia Marri (Florence, Italy)

17:25 Study of microRNA involved in ocular ischemia pathway – Serafina Villano (Florence, Italy)

17:30 Flash presentation award Panel meeting Detlef Neumann (DE), Satoshi Tanaka (JP), Katarzyna Popiolek-Barczyk (PL)

17:30 YIA Panel meetingBernhard Gibbs (UK), Beatrice Passani (IT)

17:45 End of second day


20:00 Gala Dinner
Società Canottieri Armida Restaurant
(Viale Virgilio 45 – 10126 Torino)

How to reach Società Canottieri Armida
Click here: Viale Virgilio, 45, 10126 Torino TO



25 MAY 2024


Chairperson: Holger Stark (DE)
25 years of H4 receptor research – Katerina
Tiligada (Athens, Greece)

SCIENTIFIC SESSION VII – Histamine in inflammation and immunity
Chairpersons: Agnieszka Fogel (PL) & Laura Lucarini (IT)

Oral Presentations

09:30 Histamine upregulates the expression of MMP12 in human M2 macrophages – Susanne Mommert (Hannover, Germany)

09:45 Assessing the anthelmintic potential of antihistamines H1 against Angiostrongylus cantonensis – Joao Paulo Fernandes (São Paulo, Brazil)

Flash Presentations

10:00 Cyclophosphamide auguments humoral immunity and drug resistance against L-asparaginase – Mitsunobu Mio (Okayama, Japan)

10:05 Coffee break

ROUND TABLE · Anti-histamines in the real-world: pharmacovigilance in the spotlight
Moderator: Armando Genazzani (IT)

10:30 Introduction

10:35 H1-receptor affinity of psychotropics and risk of weight gain and metabolic disorders – Virginio Salvi (Milano, Italy)

10:50 Where has rantidine gone? – Marco Tuccori (Pisa, Italy)

11:05 Pitolisant, a novel inverse agonist at the H3 histamine receptor: efficacy and safety – Valerio Brunetti (Rome, Italy)

11:20 Discussion

11:40 Closing remarks – Rob Leurs (NL) & Arianna Carolina Rosa (IT)

12:00 End of the congress


Social Programme


23 MAY 2024

17:30 Guided City Centre Walk

19:30 Welcome reception

24 MAY 2024

20:00 Gala Dinner
Società Canottieri Armida Restaurant
(Viale Virgilio 45 – 10126 Torino)

How to reach Società Canottieri Armida
Click here: Viale Virgilio, 45, 10126 Torino TO




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Please notice that no poster will be displayed, but just flash communication.



OPEN ON JANUARY 10th  2024

AND CLOSE ON MARCH 17th 2024  (at  h 11.00 PM Italian Time)


The abstract must be sent as an e-mail to: ariannacarolinarosaEHRS2024@gmail.com  and the message should begin with “Abstract EHRS2024

The Scientific Committee will make the final decision on the form of the presentation (Oral presentation of Flash presentation).

Oral Communications

Oral presentations are scheduled for 15 min, which include a 5-min discussion. The presentation itself should be no longer than 10 min.

Flash presentations

Flash presentations substitute the poster sessions. They are scheduled for 5 min, which includes a 2-min discussion. The presentation itself should be no longer than 3 min accompanied by 3 slides maximum.



Please arrange the abstract (See the Abstract template) as follows:

  • Title in boldface, in CAPITALS (Times New Roman 12)
  • A new line with (Times New Roman 12, in italics) giving the Autor(s) name(s) separated by commas (initials separated by full stop only, space family name comma, repeating if necessary).
    The presenting author should be underlined.
    Do not add titles (e.g. Prof., Dr., etc.)
  • Leave the next line blank
  • Type the text in Times New Roman 11 on a new line without indentation.
  • The abstract should be informative and of an appropriate scientific standard.
  • It should include sections on Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions (WITHOUT THE TITLES OF THE SECTIONS)
  • Tables, Figures, and References are NOT permitted.
  • The length of the text should NOT exceed 2000 characters (space included).
  • A new line in italics gives the name of the institution of the corresponding author only (with the city, postal code, and country)
  • Finally, again in italics, the email address of the corresponding author





The Society offers the prestigious ‚Young Investigator Awards (YIA)

The first prize is up to 1.000 €uro

The applicant must be

  • pre-doctoral students or MD or post-doctoral trainees with no more than 3 years of post-doctoral research training.
  • members of the EHRS or HRSE Society or have applied to become members of one of the Society
  • the presenting author of a submitted abstract (usually this means first author).


The applicant must send a letter of application and include:

  • a curriculum vitae
  • a personal presentation of them and their work
  • a statement clarifying their personal amount of work versus the supervisor and co-authors
  • a copy of the submitted abstract
  • an extended abstract (4 A4 pages).

Applications should be sent to the President of the EHRS:  EHRSPresident@med.uoa.gr

Please send all parts as a single .pdf document with page breaks between parts, named “EHRS-HRSE 2024_YIA_APPLICANT’S NAME” and attached to a brief e-mail with a subject line: “EHRS-HRSE 2024 – YIA Application – APPLICANT’S NAME”.

All applications should be received by 15th March 2024.

The eligibility of the candidates will be judged by the Bursaries and Awards Committee, composed of Officers of the Society, EHRS, and HRSE Council members.

The committee will select the finalists, who will receive a certificate, a cash award, and/or a prize.

The finalists present their work in the form of a 15-minute oral presentation (10-minute presentation + 5-minute discussion) during a dedicated session.

It is anticipated that the first and second-prize winners will be invited to publish their papers in Inflammation Research.

The papers will undergo the normal reviewing process and fees must be paid if Open Access is desired.

In the cover letter, it should be indicated that Professor Bernhard Gibbs should be the editor in charge as the EHRS-appointed editor.

However, if another journal is more suitable for the work, an acknowledgment that the work was awarded with a Young Investigators Award must be included.



Travel Bursaries’ of up to 400€ are offered to enable predoctoral students to attend and present at the annual meeting.

The committee will select the eligible candidate.

No more than one bursary will be available per Department


Applicants for Travel Bursaries must be members of the Society or have applied to become members (this can be done at the time of application).

Applications should be sent to EHRSPresident@med.uoa.gr by Applicants. 

The Student’s Bursary certificates are awarded during the opening ceremony



Before March 24th 2024 (Italian VAT 22% included)

Early EHRS members 450 €uro
Early Non-EHRS members 530 €uro
Early Students/retired members 250 €uro
Early Industry delegates 600 €uro
Early Accompanying persons 75 €uro
(Italian VAT 22% included)


After March 25th 2024 (Italian VAT 22% included)

LATE EHRS members 520 €uro
LATE Non-EHRS members 600 €uro
LATE Students/retired members 320 €uro
LATE Industry delegates 670 €uro
LATE Early Accompanying persons 125 €uro
(Italian VAT 22% included)


“Registration fee” includes
Access to all scientific sessions
Lunches & Coffee/Tea breaks
Welcome reception
Guided City Center Walk
Gala dinner

“Accompanying persons fee” includes
Welcome reception
Guided City Center Walk
Gala dinner


Applicants cannot cancel and all agreed-upon amounts remain due and payable. Under exceptional circumstances represented.
The cancellation can be requested until March 15th 2024. After this date, no refunds will be issued.
All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing (by email only) to the Registration Department: registration@eventuallyevents.it

Cancellations received by March 15th 2024 and approved by Organizing Committee will be refunded by bank transfer.
A EUR 50,00 cancellation fee per cancelled ticket will be applied to all refunds.
Refunds via bank transfer:

  • The participant’s country of residence (or the location of the company performing the registration) must be the same as where the bank is located.
  • All bank charges are at the expense of the participant (or of the company registering the participant).

Important information about refunds:

  • All refunds are processed within 2 months after the end of the event.
  • Refunds are not issued in case a visa application has been rejected by an embassy/consulate.
  • No refunds for unattended meetings or early termination of attendance by the Applicant can be processed.
  • In case of double payment, refund requests must be accompanied by a valid proof of the duplicated payment.
  • Participants submitting and paying their registration incorrectly are not entitled to reimbursement. For example, participants registering as “Non-EHRS Members” and (at a later stage) becoming “EHRS Members” will not receive a reimbursement of the difference between the two fees. Or in the case of creating a new profile and registering as Non-Members despite being active Members. This rule also applies to Third-Parties/Institution processing the registration for their delegates incorrectly. Please double-check the correct email addresses provided to you and make sure to register with the correct EHRS Membership.


Payment by Bank transfer:

  • IBAN:   IT04R0843946480000240000166
  • BANK: Banca di Caraglio, del Cuneese e della Riviera dei Fiori C.C. Filiale 24 – Mondovì CN Italy
  • BIC/Swift:  CCRTIT2TCAR    ABI: 08439  CAB: 46480
  • REASON/PURPOSE OF THE PAYMENT: Name Surname (*) – Registration EHRS HRSE Meeting Torino
    (*) Name and surname must correspond exactly to those indicated in the registration form



  • All fees are to be paid in EUR (€) and free of all bank charges . To ensure your registration is valid, please make sure that payment made by transfer is free of all bank fees and transfer charges
  • Please also ensure that the registered participant’s Name /Surname are clearly stated in the reason of the bank transfer. Name and surname must correspond exactly to those indicated in the Registration Form . Payments received without such details (Name, Registration Number) cannot be easily identified and may not be valid.


 Click here for the “Online Registration Form”




Special rates for EHRS-HRSE Congress

offers rooms at Hotels nearby the conference site at special price for the  EHRS-HRSE Meeting participants.

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University Accommodation

EDISU Piemonte offers the participants the opportunity to stay in EDISU HALLS OF RESIDENCE.  EDISU Piedmont, Regional Agency for the Right to Education of Piedmont, has been created to foster the access and attendance to university studies in favour of capable and worthy students although without economic means. EDISU Piedmont arranges its own actions by offering services aimed to ease the studies, the attendance and the every day life for the students, whit the aim of reducing the inequality in access to university studies. Between the services, are included those granted by contest based on specific criteria defined by the appropriated notices of competition, and those arranged for all the students, such as the food services, the study halls and computer rooms  and further initiatives.

EDISU Piemonte provides its own Halls of Residence for the accommodation of the participants in congresses organized in the city of Turin .
The facilities are located in the city center or nearby, have rooms furnished with simplicity and taste but functional and comfortable, all equipped with free Internet wi-fi or LAN cable and phone (receive-only).

Owing to its position, Torino – easily reached by car, train or plane – is the natural connection point between the surrounding Alpine valleys and is where the major national and international communication routes converge. www.muoversinpiemonte.it

Five motorways come to the city via the ring road that runs along the north, west and south sides of the town:

– A4 Trieste-Venezia-Milano-Torino – www.autostrade.it
– T1/T2-A5 Tunnel Monte Bianco-Aosta-Torino – www.ativa.it – www.tunnelmb.com
– A6 Savona-Torino – www.autostrade.it
– A21 Piacenza-Torino – www.autostrade.it
– T4-A32 Tunnel Fréjus-Torino – www.sitaf.it – www.tunneldufrejus.com

There are a number of slip roads off the A55 ring road for the areas just outside the city (airport, Lingotto, Juventus Stadium, Rivoli, Venaria Reale, Stupinigi included); for the town centre, the main exits are Corso Regina Margherita (North) and Corso Allamano (South).
An extensive road network connects Torino with the province and, from there, to the main national and trans-European roads:
SS 10 Monselice (Pd)-Torino
SS 11 Venezia-Torino
SS 20 Ventimiglia-Col di Tenda (Cn)-Torino
SS 23 France-Sestriere-Torino
SS 24 France-Cesana Torinese-Torino
SS 25 France-Colle del Moncenisio-Torino
SS 26 France/Switzerland-Aosta-Torino

Torino is a very important railway junction, especially for fast connections throughout Italia and part of Europe on the Lyon-Paris line with the trains Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca, Italo and TGV.
There are five stations in town, two of them international (Porta Nuova and Porta Susa) while three are mainly for local transport and the metropolitan rail service (SFM):
Porta Nuova – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 53
Porta Susa – Corso Bolzano
Lingotto – Via Pannunzio 1
Stura – Corso Romania 501
Rebaudengo Fossata – Via Fossata

The trains to/from the airport (and then going on to the Valli di Lanzo) and to Alto Canavese are provided by GTT-Gruppo Torinese Trasporti departing from the stations:
Dora – Via Giachino
Porta Susa – Corso Bolzano

For information and timetables of trains:
Trenitalia – www.trenitalia.com
NTV – Italo – www.italotreno.it
GTT – SFM – www.sfmtorino.it
SNCF – TGV – www.tgv-europe.com/it

Here are many links connecting the main cities in Italia and abroad with Torino.
For information on routes, prices and timetables:

Autostazione EXTRA.TO
Corso Bolzano/Via Grattoni-Torino – www.extrato.it

Autostazione Terminal Bus
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 131h – www.autostazionetorino.it

In Torino trains, buses, taxis and car hire are available for everyone, from those in wheelchairs to mums with buggies.

From the Airport

In the airport complex, on the “Arrivals” floor, taxis and hire car firms can easily be found; Torino can also be reached by train and bus.

By Train
The SFMA railway line connects the airport with the Dora GTT in 19 minutes, from where it is possible to reach Porta Susa, the underground and the city centre. Once the “Integrated Ticket B”, costing €3.00, has been stamped, it is usable for 120 minutes on SFMA, the underground, and the GTT urban and suburban network. All tickets can be bought at the ticket office in the Arrivals hall, the Airport and Dora GTT stations, and at bars and tobacconists showing the GTT sign.
GTT – SFM – www.sfmtorino.it

By Bus
The journey time for the bus service between the airport and Torino centre is about 45 minutes, stopping at Porta Susa and Porta Nuova. Tickets cost €7.00
ARRIVA – https://torino.arriva.it/

By Taxi
Taxis are available outside the Arrivals hall and reach the centre of Torino in about 30 minutes, for a cost of approximately € 40,00. TAXI TORINO – www.taxi-torino.it

Car Hire
The main car hire companies can be found at the airport: their offices are located in the Arrivals hall and inside the tunnel of the multi-storey car park.

A transport service is available for the disabled between the airport and city: the vehicles are found on the Arrivals floor in an easily accessible reserved area. Passengers wishing to use this service should contact the free-phone number shown at least 48 hours in advance (9am-1pm / 2pm-3pm).
800.514999 – www.aeroportoditorino.it

The city of Torino also has direct daily bus services to the Intercontinental Airport “Malpensa 2000” (about 100km). – ARRIVA – https://torino.arriva.it/


10 Good reasons to visit Torino

Lively and elegant, always in movement, nonetheless Torino is incredibly a city set in the heart of verdant areas: gently resting on the hillside and enclosed by the winding course of the River Po, it owes much of its charm to its enchanting location at the foot of the western Alps, watched over by snowy peaks.

The first Capital of Italia invites you to discover its ancient and modern history, the palaces and museums, the parks and tree-lined avenues, the river and the hills, the restaurants and historic coffee houses, the long colonnaded streets and the multiethnic neighbourhoods, the great events and the many little pleasures which have always made it unique, in a balance between the rational Roman town layout, the measured pomp of Piemonte baroque and the originality of the modern and contemporary architecture.

Torino must be discovered step by step strolling along its streets and piazzas; mostly, it has to be lived, for a week end or for more days. That is why there are some things by all means “to see”, “to do”, “to taste” and “to know”.


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The Torino Metropoli area consists of the urban area of the city with its outer areas bordered by what has always been historically known as the Corona delle Delizie – the crown or ring of “delights” formed by the Royal Residences dotted around the outside of the city.

The biggest attraction is the city of Turin itself with all its cultural offers: museumssites and monumentscontemporary artmajor eventsindustrial tourism and the Royal Residences situated in the town centre and the metropolitan area. And then, not forgetting the food and wine offer.

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